"Yoga for the family of Vasudhaiva..

Aksharvision News, Ukkunagaram -: Srishti World School Yoga Day Celebrations 2023. Organized in a grand manner. In honor of International Yoga Day, Sunday in the school premises.  In this program organized with the slogan "Yoga for the Vasudhaiva Family", parents of students and teachers jointly participated in the Yoga Day.  Speaking on the occasion, School Director P.Susheelarani said that the main objective of yoga is to raise awareness and spread awareness about the holistic nature of yoga and to promote it as part of a regular routine for everyone.  A session specially organized for parents is said to be conducted by experienced practitioners.  It is explained that more than hundred parents participated in this.  This yoga has a variety of yoga poses and techniques that are suitable for all ages and fitness levels.  As part of this, the school physical education teacher performed various yogasanas, followed by parents and teachers.  Academic Coordinator D. Kiran explained about the health benefits of each asana. School Principal E.  Chandrika attended and presided over the awareness about the importance of yoga in promoting health and reducing stress. Chief Principal Sridhar Babu also participated in the program and spoke about the importance and benefits of yoga..emphasizing its positive effects on anxiety, depression and overall mental well-being.  The program was attended by Vice Principal Sunayana, Coordinators and teachers.  School Director P. Susheelarani, Executive Director Dr. Meghna Kambham congratulated the parents and teachers who participated in this unique yoga activity.

 Bureau Chief-: D.S.N.